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 Tools and Resources, Subpoena Generation System<div class="ExternalClass55CC206C5F1249EFB28B0CCA40EDF663"><p></p>Generate faster approvals, eliminate redundant actions, digitize service process to telco carriers and other entities, obtaining results measured in hours instead of weeks.​<br></div>, Translation & Transcription Tool<div class="ExternalClassFB34F79E2132425FBEA57D03715660AE"><p><span style="color:#555555;font-size:20.25px;"></span></p>Accelerate your investigations with the high volume translation and analytic power of AI.<br></div>, Lead Generation Tracking System<div class="ExternalClass9CBA9B63CC934C7F907D4EC363BD491A"><p></p>Consolidate leads provided to partner agencies, and have the ability to track and visualize investigative progress.<br></div>, Audit Inspection & Reporting System<div class="ExternalClass17BF24FEDA2B49C0945CF2759098B9F7"><p></p>Lifecycle support for scheduling, conducting, and reporting on audits, inspections, and financial reviews.<br></div>