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​Stewardship and Corporate Social Responsibility

Stewardship is the manifestation of Corporate Social Responsibility policy and principles.​ Our Corporate Social Responsibility is an acknowledgement that Procentrix is part of a larger, global community. As a result, we have articulated both a desire and a responsibility to positively influence our community and our environment.​ Social stewardship and respect are intrinsic to our Mission Statement and Company Values.

Action Speaks Louder Than Words

Led by senior management, company and community citizenship has been a top Procentrix priority. In addition to an annual stewardship training, which highlights our current program and provides examples of individual efforts, our leadership works to set the standard by "doing," not just "saying".


Stewardship requires both accountability and transparency. Procentrix is committed to improving the global community and strives to set an example of coexistence with and respect for our bountiful natural resources. We welcome you to follow our progress, which will be posted at least once each year.