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Technology innovation aligned to the warfighter mission

The mission of the Department of Defense is to provide the military forces needed to deter war and to protect the security of our country. Today, this has become a global challenge that involves supporting the warfighter on remote battlegrounds, protecting American interests around the world, and responding to threats on our own soil. Deterring and responding to our enemies requires the latest technology advancements delivered in the most expeditious fashion. 

Procentrix is helping the Military Services to deliver IT systems and emerging technology solutions to address evolving threats around the world. We design, develop, operate, and manage information systems that enable secure information sharing and collaboration across the DoD. We build innovative solutions that provide services to both active and retired military personnel back home and support mission-critical business solutions that are relied upon to run the daily operations of one of the largest organizations in the world. 

From cloud computing to mobile applications, Procentrix technical experts are helping to securely deliver emerging technology solutions across the vast landscape of the Department of Defense to enable an efficient and effective military.   

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 Customer Experience



Defense Agency AgencyDeveloped a proof-of-concept for an outreach management tool. This Dynamics CRM based application provides a centralized platform for analyzing actions and outcomes and communicating solutions to the warfighter.caseStudyItem00
Defense Agency AgencyEstablished a new customer relationship management system to support a military installation's production planning process. The Microsoft Dynamics system streamlines lead tracking to quote management for an active military arsenal.caseStudyItem00
Armed Forces Support Organization Forces Support OrganizationImplemented a new intranet portal that enables collaboration with employees and external partners. The modern intranet was built with a responsive design to enable mobile access and integrates a more robust reporting platform.caseStudyItem00