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​Common Challenges, Repeatable Solutions

Procentrix provides greater value to our customers by creating solution frameworks that address common business needs. When we identify business challenges that are common across organizations, we take the time to develop solution frameworks that can dramatically accelerate our ability to deliver results on our customer engagements. Our solutions are built upon proven products and technologies and contain common building blocks that can be easily extended and tailored to meet each client's unique requirements. If we don't need to start from the ground up, we don't!   

 Our Solutions



Mercury your Correspondence Management processes with this powerful Microsoft SharePoint-based solution.1
ProLink solutions that benefit from Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint working seamlessly together.1
Virtual Office OfficeEmpower teleworkers to stay better connected. Utilize facility space more efficiently with a powerful reservation tool.1
ProAsset optimal utilizaton of assets and improve decision-making with this holistic asset management system. 1
ProCase integrated Microsoft Dynamics 365 and SharePoint-based solution that streamlines and simplifies Case Management1
ProTask your Task Management processes with this integrated Microsoft Dynamics CRM / SharePoint-based solution1
ProSignIn powerful front desk sign-in solution, based in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, provides a professional touch at your facility.1
ProPPM integrated Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Solution that is based on Microsoft Office, SharePoint, and Project Server1