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ProLink is an integration tool that offers a flexible "configuration-based" method to implement highly scalable business solutions that benefit from both Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint, working seamlessly together. Extending well beyond the out-of-the-box integration features that ship with Dynamics CRM, ProLink provides a robust ability to map and automatically broadcast information and security permissions to SharePoint. The end result is that business users interact with both Dynamic CRM and SharePoint data from one unified user interface, eliminating the need to worry about where data is physically stored within the enterprise.





No-code Integration of Dynamics CRM and SharePoint Master List/DispForm.aspx?ID=100No-code Integration of Dynamics CRM and SharePoint<div>Microsoft Dynamics is a powerful platform for building business applications that involve structured data (data entities with relationships to one another). However, it is not the ideal platform for managing unstructured data, like documents and web content. On the other hand, SharePoint, is an outstanding platform for Document and Web Content Management (WCM). Case Management, or other tracking solutions, can benefit from both product's capabilities. While Dynamics and SharePoint both have robust APIs that allow developers to build integrated solutions, doing so involves programming, which introduces complexity and increased development costs. Procentrix developed ProLink to overcome these challenges by achieving sophisticated integration scenarios through configuration, as opposed to custom programming.</div>0
Configurable, Source to Target Data Mapping (CRM Entity to SharePoint Content Types) Master List/DispForm.aspx?ID=101Configurable, Source to Target Data Mapping (CRM Entity to SharePoint Content Types) <div>ProLink enables Dynamics CRM entity data to be mapped to SharePoint Content Types using an XML mapping file. "Mapping" enables scenarios like CRM data being automatically delivered to SharePoint Document Sets, Pages, and List Items. For example, beyond just surfacing documents stored in SharePoint on a CRM entity form, ProLink can send CRM entity data to a SharePoint Document, which allows data originating in CRM to be applied as metadata on SharePoint documents, which enables powerful search scenarios. ProLink also enables a single CRM record's data to be simultaneously sent to multiple SharePoint artifacts. For example, entity data managed as a single CRM record can automatically be sent to a SharePoint Document Set, a web page on our intranet, extranet public-facing web site, all by simply clicking save within a Dynamics CRM entity form.</div>0
Overcome Massive Document Storage and Scaling Challenges Master List/DispForm.aspx?ID=102Overcome Massive Document Storage and Scaling Challenges<div>CRM Entity data can be automatically broadcast to one or more SharePoint locations (sites). For example, locations can be configured to allow groups of CRM records (determined through regular expression pattern matching) to target completely different SharePoint site collections. CRM solutions such as Case Management systems with large volume document storage needs (multi-terabyte), can easily be distributed across multiple SharePoint site collections. From the user's perspective, they simply interact with the Dynamics CRM application and don't have to worry about where the related SharePoint data is being physically stored.</div>0
Complete Flexibility among Cloud and On-Premise Implementations Master List/DispForm.aspx?ID=103Complete Flexibility among Cloud and On-Premise Implementations<div>All of the powerful features of ProLink can be achieved either in the Cloud (Dynamics 365 to Office 365), or in a hybrid implementation where Dynamics CRM Online is integrated with your organization’s on-premise SharePoint platform. External integration (Dynamics CRM communicating with SharePoint Online or SharePoint on-premise) is achieved through Microsoft Azure. The integration scenarios that can be achieved through ProLink enable you to move your platform to the cloud on your timeline. Either platform (SharePoint or Dynamics CRM), can remain on-premise until you're ready to move it to the cloud. You even have the flexibility of leveraging Application as a Service (Dynamics or SharePoint Online) or Platform as a Service (AWS or Azure). You decide where it makes sense to host your applications.</div>0

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