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Data is everywhere in today’s business environment. Organizations need to derive meaningful information from their data to drive more informed business decisions. Procentrix leverages leading-edge big data, analytics, and cloud technologies to design and implement solutions that ingest, store, organize, and surface data to business users. Our approach harvests data from enterprise systems and untapped, unstructured data repositories, while integrating with external sources, such as social media. Procentrix data analytics specialists then help our customers mine the data using advanced and predictive analytic techniques to translate data into actionable business insights.

Areas of Focus



Big Data Architecture Master List/DispForm.aspx?ID=70Big Data Architecture<div>Design a new breed of data storage and data management architectures. Leverage big data technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, and NoSQL data stores to enable data discovery, data analysis, and business intelligence in today's modern, big data world.</div>iconItem0
Data Integration Master List/DispForm.aspx?ID=71Data Integration<div>Deliver solutions that rapidly combine, cleanse, and prepare data for business analysis and decision making. Combine the disciplines of ETL, data science, and data wrangling to solve the complex challenges of integrating large data sets across diverse data types and formats.</div>iconItem0
Data Visualization Master List/DispForm.aspx?ID=72Data Visualization<div>Serve up the data and tools needed to explore data visually, make correlations, analyze trends, and predict future results. Use modern analytic tools, such as Microsoft Power BI, to create eye-popping dashboards, intuitive analytics, and user-guided analysis paths.</div>iconItem0
Analytic Applications Master List/DispForm.aspx?ID=73Analytic Applications<div>Combine the outputs from big data repositories, data integration processes, and data visualization tools to create reusable, domain-specific analytic solutions.  Rapidly deliver proven solutions for Project Performance Management (PPM) analytics, Case Management analytics, and Financial analytics. </div>iconItem0

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 Our Experience



Federal Law Enforcement Agency Law Enforcement AgencyImplemented a large legal case management system that is used by attorneys for litigating cases during removal proceedings. Built on Power Platform, SharePoint, and ProLink, it has more than 25+ TB of content and is used by over 20K users nationwide.caseStudyItem0
Financial Regulatory Agency Regulatory AgencyOperates the SharePoint Solution Center servicing development needs for many offices. From small requests to solutions for complex processes, we deliver the SharePoint expertise required to effectively leverage the tool across the agency. caseStudyItem0
Federal Financial Agency Financial AgencyDeveloped, operates and supports many of the core bank supervisory systems used by thousands of bank examiners on a daily basis. These Microsoft based applications drive the agency's mission critical business workflow.caseStudyItem0
Financial Regulatory Agency Regulatory AgencyImplemented a centralized data collection and project performance management solution. The system extends Project Server functionality with robust data analytics that streamlines financial analysis and supports effective program management oversight.caseStudyItem0
Peace Corps CorpsSupports the modernization and deployment of a mission critical financial system used at over 60 foreign posts around the world. Provides a modern web-enabled interface that streamlines financial processing in many low bandwidth areas.caseStudyItem0