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Virtual Office is a Microsoft SharePoint based solution that enables workers to interact with each other more efficiently, regardless of their physical locations. When out of the office, Virtual Office provides employees with visibility and instant connectivity to the people that they work with the most. For organizations that wish to reduce real estate costs by embracing a shared, hoteling-style workplace, Virtual Office is a critical enabler. Using the tool, workers can easily reserve workspaces, meeting spaces, conference lines, and other shared assets. Deploying Virtual Office helps your organization reduce operating costs and drive workforce efficiency.





Enable Telework for Workforce Mobility Master List/DispForm.aspx?ID=109Enable Telework for Workforce Mobility<div>Virtual Office provides an intuitive way for users to locate, communicate, and collaborate with their coworkers at work or from a remote location. This includes a user-configurable roster, which empowers workers to quickly and easily maintain a list of people that they most frequently interact with. The roster then becomes a presence-award list, where a person can easily initiate communications through e-mail, phone/video calls, or instant messaging. Virtual Office also includes an online “watercooler” feature that facilitates quick, informal micro-communications. If you want to find someone who wants to grab lunch in your area, simply post a message within the watercooler.</div>0
Reduce Physical Real Estate by Optimizing Space Usage Master List/DispForm.aspx?ID=110Reduce Physical Real Estate by Optimizing Space Usage<div>Using Virtual Office’s intuitive, graphical space reservation module, you can minimize your real estate footprint and make it easy for people to adopt a shared, “hoteling-style” strategy. The Virtual Office reservation module allows people to browse and search for available spaces and resources using graphical floor plan views. Facility Managers gain a clearer picture of how office space and resources are being utilized. Leadership can quantify resource needs using reports and dashboards, which helps achieve ongoing resource management objectives. Analysis of Virtual Office reservations data allows leadership to make informed decisions about the optimal amount of work spaces, meeting spaces, and shared assets that are required to support their organization.</div>0
Better Situational Awareness and Accountability Master List/DispForm.aspx?ID=108Better Situational Awareness and Accountability<div>Virtual Office’s powerful space reservation module, combined with online presence information, helps resource managers maintain accountability of physical work locations and better understand who is present within them at any given time. In the event of emergency, Virtual Office’s reservation data helps determine where your employees are working and also facilitates streamlined communications with them. This degree of insight equips resource managers with quantifiable data that can help them develop emergency management plans and execute them more effectively when faced with emergency situations.</div>0
Built Upon Microsoft SharePoint Master List/DispForm.aspx?ID=111Built Upon Microsoft SharePoint<div>Virtual Office is built on top of Microsoft SharePoint, the industry-leading, web-based collaboration platform. The entire solution maximizes the features of SharePoint to streamline work activities using familiar and intuitive tools. Virtual Office seamlessly integrates with existing SharePoint portals and eliminates the need to purchase proprietary and often expensive software products. Importantly. Virtual Office was designed from the ground-up to run either on-premises or in the cloud, enabling you to move to the cloud on your timeline.</div>0

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