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​Since launching the company in 2006, we have worked hard and been rewarded by growth and success. We have forged strong relationships with our customers that are based on commitment and respect. We have developed a tightly-knit workforce that enjoys working as a team and taking on challenging projects.

Planning for the Future

We look carefully at how our business impacts our employees, communities and environment.  Throughout the year, we strive to achieve our goals by performing actionable steps and procedures. Our objective is to continually grow our business but to do so without harm to our employees, communities or environment. Our long-term objective is to continually improve all aspects of our Corporate Social Responsibilities. Each year, progress will be assessed, prior goals will be validated and new goals will be established based on the then-current state of our business.

Measuring our Success

Based on clearly defined goals, we establish Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Internally, we update each KPI based on frequencies that are appropriate to the measure. Ongoing and real-time progress is then shared with our employees to help ensure the company remains on-track in achieving its corporate goals.