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Mercury is a Microsoft SharePoint-based solution that can be used to optimize your organization's entire correspondence/task management processes. The solution streamlines the assignment, authoring,​ and approval process through pre-defined correspondence templates, workflows that are configured to support your organization’s unique processes, and reports to help monitor and control performance. The solution helps retain critical knowledge by organizing all correspondence in a searchable repository, making it easy for people to find, review, and reuse information pertaining to particular topics and requests.





Built On Proven Technology Master List/DispForm.aspx?ID=84Built On Proven Technology<div>Mercury is built on top of Microsoft SharePoint, the industry-leading document management and collaboration platform. The solution takes full advantage of SharePoint’s native features, including robust document management, workflow support, and integrated dashboard/reporting functionality. These powerful features are tailored to address common Correspondence Management needs. Using Mercury, correspondence management solutions can be implemented significantly faster and can be deployed either on-premises or in the cloud.</div>0
Promotes Process Efficiency and Transparency Master List/DispForm.aspx?ID=82Promotes Process Efficiency and Transparency<div>Government agencies spend significant time responding to internal and external inquiries and managing related tasks. Often, communication is handled using e-mail and tracking is done on spreadsheets. Mercury enables consistent processes (workflows) to be configured, which drive consistency and accountability throughout the process. At any given time, people know what needs to be done next and leadership can monitor status. All actions are tracked in a complete history of edits, workflow actions, and comments throughout the entire correspondence lifecycle. With Mercury, you can avoid process bottlenecks and maintain a historical record of who did what.</div>0
Retains Critical Knowledge within the Organization Master List/DispForm.aspx?ID=83Retains Critical Knowledge within the Organization<div>Often times, agencies rely too heavily on individual subject matter experts within the organization to address particular types of inquiries. Mercury takes critical knowledge out of individual people’s heads and organizes it in a powerful knowledge base that is searchable and accessible. This minimizes the dependency on individuals and drastically reduces the need to re-invent the wheel each time a new correspondence inquiry is addressed. Mercury also drives consistency into the responses through predefined response templates that are based on configurable correspondence types. Mercury not only streamlines the authoring and approval process, but becomes a powerful knowledge repository.</div>0
Improves Customer Service and Reduces Costs Master List/DispForm.aspx?ID=85Improves Customer Service and Reduces Costs<div>Mercury can significantly minimize the time and effort required to respond to inquiries. Leadership can drive performance and efficiency by analyzing workloads using reports and dashboards. They can also monitor response time to identify potential process improvements. Customer satisfaction is increased because their inquiries are addressed in a more timely and professional manner.<br></div>0

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