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Technology solutions that overcome financial and regulator challenges

The citizens of our nation depend upon the soundness of our national banks and federal savings associations. They also rely on fair, orderly, and efficient trading markets. To achieve this, United States financial and regulatory agencies demand reliable and innovative technology solutions to support their missions.

Procentrix is helping some of the largest agencies perform their financial and regulatory missions. We develop, operate, and manage centralized information systems and provide technical infrastructure engineering services that ensure reliable day-to-day operations of systems that are used by thousands of bank examination, enforcement, and other regulatory professionals. We build innovative solutions that make it possible for people to work together, collect, analyze, share, and act on large volumes of information. We develop and support mission-critical business solutions that are relied upon by thousands of people each and every day. 

From sophisticated financial auditing software to intuitive collaborative solutions and business processes, Procentrix technical experts are playing a significant role in ensuring that citizens can trust our banking system and invest hard-earned dollars in fair and efficient trading markets.


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 Customer Experience



Financial Regulatory Agency Regulatory AgencyImplemented a centralized data collection and project performance management solution. The system extends Project Server functionality with robust data analytics that streamlines financial analysis and supports effective program management oversight.caseStudyItem00
Financial Regulatory Agency Regulatory AgencyOperates the SharePoint Solution Center servicing development needs for many offices. From small requests to solutions for complex processes, we deliver the SharePoint expertise required to effectively leverage the tool across the agency. caseStudyItem00
Federal Agency Office of Acquisitions Agency Office of AcquisitionsArchitected and deployed an electronic Federal Contracts and Document Management System that supports full Contract lifecycle Management from planning to closeout. This SharePoint based solution streamlines contract management activities.caseStudyItem00
Financial Regulatory Agency Regulatory AgencyDeveloped a workflow based solution to monitor activities and conduct examinations of registered nationally recognized statistical rating organizations. This SharePoint based solution streamlines examination activities and improves oversight.caseStudyItem00
Federal Financial Agency Financial AgencyDeveloped, operates and supports many of the core bank supervisory systems used by thousands of bank examiners on a daily basis. These Microsoft based applications drive the agency's mission critical business workflow.caseStudyItem00