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Procentrix and Microsoft Announce ProCase for Legal Case Management

​​​​HERNDON, VA - ​Procentrix recently unveiled the first purpose-built application on their ProCase platform. ProCase Legal Case Management (LCM) was designed to address the specific processes, tasks, and collaboration needs of legal practitioners. ProCase-LCM was recently featured by Microsoft as a solution for modernizing legal case management, built on Microsoft's flagship Dynamics CRM and SharePoint products. In an article posted on the company's website, Microsoft described ProCase as providing “the scalability, security, and cost savings of the Microsoft Cloud with the flexibility of a tailored solution built on industry-leading Microsoft COTS products."

Designed to address the challenges facing government legal departments, ProCase offers a more secure, centralized, agile, and automated case management platform. Read below to learn about the development and capabilities of the powerful solution replacing the government's manual data management processes and segmented operations of the past.


Modernizing Legal Case Management Systems  

Government agencies are facing evolving missions and constantly changing policies and regulations that drive a need for more efficient case management. Unfortunately, their outdated case management systems are struggling to support internal processes and facilitate timely, efficient communication. 

Attorneys, project managers, and IT support staff are discovering that their legacy systems can't keep up with the increasing volume of case information. Users waste time pushing through manual processes, writing custom-code to make edits, and rummaging through multiple systems to find what they're looking for.  

To streamline processes and improve productivity, legal departments are looking to replace their manual processes and rigidly-structured legacy systems with a secure, centralized, more agile, automated case management platform.  ​

Rising modernization and security expectations demand action – and quickly

Government legal departments face mounting pressure to improve services to their constituents and reduce wasteful spending while maintaining the security and integrity of sensitive information. The ability to perform these operations efficiently is a competitive advantage in an industry that has historically been slow to adopt emerging technologies. 

To be successful, government legal teams need better integrated and more powerful tools to help prepare and provide counsel. Legal offices need to collaborate with internal and external parties, track attorney caseloads, and record hours, deadlines, and appointments. Attorneys and clerks require real-time access to case information from any device, anywhere, at any time. Legal IT departments need systems that offer structural flexibility as well as customizable security levels, so information is both retrievable and secure no matter where or when it is accessed. With the safety of sensitive data is at stake, new solutions need to have robust security measures against any threat of information compromises. 

flexible, centralized information repository 

Procentrix built ProCase LCM to address the many challenges facing the legal industry today. The purpose-built solution is developed on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, so it provides the scalability, security, and cost savings of the Microsoft Cloud with the flexibility of a tailored solution built on industry-​leading Microsoft COTS products.  

ProCase offers a flexible, secure, and FedRAMP-compliant central repository for managing essential case information that can be deployed on-premises or in the Cloud. By centralizing case data—related data, structured metadata, and unstructured documents and files such as emails, texts, or other communications—ProCase eliminates data silos and visibility gaps. Users have 360-degree view of every case, on demand.​

​​​​ProCase integrates with out-of-the-box Microsoft Office tools, such as Outlook, Word, and SharePoint, to provide a familiar user experience, simplifying collaboration and communication among internal and external stakeholders. Additionally, the point-and-click interface design allows end users and their IT support teams to easily create an array of automated workflows and update them without need for custom programming. 

​Now, legal teams from private firms and government departments alike can find the precise information they need, when they need it, in order to: 

  • Create a more holistic approach to gathering, organizing, and retrieving information
  • Provide secure collaboration and exchange of documents between both internal and external parties 
  • Streamline judicial processes
  • Increase visibility of case and judge scheduling
  • Reduce time needed to prepare for cases
  • Enable real-time access to vital data anywhere, anytime, from any authorized device


​​​​​ProCase is tested and trusted to secure highly-sensitive legal information ​

When a Federal Law Enforcement Agency was looking to replace their outdated systems with one centralized legal case management system, Procentrix leveraged the agency's existing Microsoft investment and developed a new centralized system using the ProCase-LCM platform.  

The client benefited from flexible deployment, robust and configurable security, and automated capabilities. The ProCase-LCM platform and foundation of Microsoft products, including Microsoft Azure, allowed Procentrix to develop additional innovative and creative case management solutions without the need for extensive custom software development. For example, using Azure Active Directory (AD), Procentrix implemented a secure collaboration portal for LCM that included multi-factor, authenticated access to external entities to share information pertinent to the agency's cases. 

Microsoft Cloud-based technologies lay the foundation for powerful customized solutions 

Modular applications mean endless possibilities for Microsoft users. Building on Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Cloud-based technologies, Procentrix is able to provide a customizable, automated approach that far surpasses the manual data management processes and segmented operations of the past.  

The legal industry is predicated on the exchange of ideas and information in the pursuit of justice. Legal teams whose hands were previously tied by manual data management processes and segmented operations of the past can now benefit from easier collaboration, efficient case management, and more responsive service to their clients and colleagues through C​loud-based technologies.    

To learn more about how Microsoft and Procentrix technologies can help your team better manage its caseload and improve client services, visit our solutions page or contact us

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