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Solutions and services that help keep our nation safe

Securing our borders, defending against terrorism, enforcing immigration laws, and executing efficient disaster responses are the foundations for safeguarding our Nation.  The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) requires effective, innovative, and agile solutions to meet the growing threats to our country and to ensure our resiliency and security.  These solutions and services must be delivered across a diverse set of mission areas from our national infrastructure to our cyber presence to our borders and our airports.         

Procentrix is helping numerous DHS components accomplish their missions more efficiently and effectively. We design, develop, and operate systems that facilitate information sharing and allow DHS to work in a more collaborative fashion across all mission areas. We bring innovative new technologies and solutions that help component agencies and headquarters to collect, analyze, and share information that informs daily operational decision making.  Every day Procentrix employees support mission-critical systems that keep our borders safe, pursue the bad actors that penetrate them, and protect the citizens of our Nation. Procentrix-designed systems process terabytes of data and enable enterprise-level information sharing and collaboration that was not thought possible a few years ago.  

From sophisticated data management solutions to the streamlining of complex business processes, Procentrix technical experts are playing a significant role in ensuring that our citizens, borders, and infrastructure are safe, and that the country is prepared to defend and respond to any threat. 

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 Customer Experience



Federal Law Enforcement Agency CRSO.aspxFederal Law Enforcement AgencyImplemented our Virtual Office solution to enhance the existing telework program and raise levels of virtual work by increasing situational awareness, interpersonal access, and collaboration across a geographically dispersed community. caseStudyItem00
Federal Law Enforcement Agency Law Enforcement AgencyImplemented a large Intranet solution for a cabinent level agency. The environment is used across the Department by over 250,000 users nationwide. The SharePoint based solution was developed on a private cloud environment.caseStudyItem00
Federal Law Enforcement Agency Law Enforcement AgencyBuilt a public facing, secured portal solution on the Azure platform that integrates with Model-driven Power Apps to enable a secure data exchange mechanism between a federal law enforcement agency and attorneys in the public domain.  caseStudyItem00
Federal Law Enforcement Agency Law Enforcement AgencyProvided e-mail records management, cloud migration and modernization planning support for a large federal law enforcement agency.caseStudyItem00
Federal Law Enforcement Agency Law Enforcement AgencyImplemented a large legal case management system that is used by attorneys for litigating cases during removal proceedings. Built on Power Platform, SharePoint, and ProLink, it has more than 25+ TB of content and is used by over 20K users nationwide.caseStudyItem00
Federal Law Enforcement Agency Law Enforcement AgencyImplemented and supports a system for petition case management, security credentialing and team collaboration sites. This Power Platform, SharePoint and ProLink system streamlines and centralizes a key government program for foreign visitors to the US.caseStudyItem00
Federal Agency AgencyDeveloped a solution to support back office activities such as, budget and financial planning, acquisitions, HR, and project tracking. This Dynamics CRM solution streamlined processes and provided visibility needed to execute the mission.caseStudyItem00
Federal Agency AgencyImplemented a solution addressing air travel related issues logged by the public. A public-facing .Net application communicates with an internal Dynamics CRM/SharePoint case tracking system used by multiple federal agencies to adjudicate the case.caseStudyItem00