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Effective collaboration and information management drives success in our modern world. Using industry-leading collaboration software, Procentrix delivers solutions that help organizations connect their myriad of data, systems, and human resources across the enterprise. Whether you need to revamp your intranet, redefine your public-facing web presence or create a collaboration environment to share ideas and foster innovation, Procentrix design and implementation specialists will create the right portal and collaboration solution for you.

 Areas of Focus



Architecture and Governance Master List/DispForm.aspx?ID=2Architecture and GovernanceEstablish information architectures (IA) that enable intuitive navigation and ensure information is easily accessible. Create actionable governance plans that ensure ongoing efficiency. Deliver solution architectures that lay the foundation for highly-scalable intranet or external portals.iconItem0
Workflow and Forms Automation Master List/DispForm.aspx?ID=5Workflow and Forms AutomationEliminate paper forms and manual processes with Power Automate workflow automation integrated into your intranet or internet portal. Transform from paper to digital business with office automation solutions on SharePoint and Office 365. iconItem0
Information Sharing Master List/DispForm.aspx?ID=22Information Sharing<p>Enable people and systems to share critical data across departmental boundaries. Facilitate collaboration and eliminate information redundancy while keeping data secure. Leverage Office 365 and SharePoint to improve the productivity of the modern workforce.</p>iconItem0
Web Content and Branding Master List/DispForm.aspx?ID=6Web Content and Branding<p>Define how you want your organization to be perceived by your internal and external constituents, then build your intranet or internet portal to reflect those principles. Create a tailored environment that is defined by your brand and differentiates your organization in the market, with a team of user experience (UX) specialists.  </p>iconItem0
Technology Expertise Master List/DispForm.aspx?ID=86Technology Expertise<div>Deliver industry-leading expertise in Microsoft 365 (Power Platform, Teams, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Exchange Online, Forms, Stream, etc.). Shape your vision, guide the architecture, and engineer your solution both on-premises and in the cloud with the brightest and most accomplished Microsoft professionals in the industry.  </div>iconItem0

 Other Services



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 Our Experience



Civilian Agency AgencyImplemented a Correspondence Management System used by over 35,000 employees nationwide. Built on our Mercury framework and running in Office365, the solution automates creation, review and signature of agency-wide correspondences.caseStudyItem0
Federal Law Enforcement Agency Law Enforcement AgencyImplemented and supports a system for petition case management, security credentialing and team collaboration sites. This Power Platform, SharePoint and ProLink system streamlines and centralizes a key government program for foreign visitors to the US.caseStudyItem0
Financial Regulatory Agency Regulatory AgencyOperates the SharePoint Solution Center servicing development needs for many offices. From small requests to solutions for complex processes, we deliver the SharePoint expertise required to effectively leverage the tool across the agency. caseStudyItem0
USDA Food Nutrition Service FNS Mercury.aspxUSDA Food Nutrition ServiceImplemented our correspondence management solution to provide intake, assignment, authoring, review and archive automation across the agency. The SharePoint based solution processes thousands of official correspondence requests each year.caseStudyItem0
Legislative Agency AgencyCreated and maintain intranet, collaboration and scheduling solutions for the Leglislative branch agency. These SharePoint based solutions automate key processes and provide a unique online presence for various legislative offices.caseStudyItem0
American Battle Monuments Commission Battle Monuments CommissionCreated an Intranet solution to streamline communciation and automate business processes in 13 countries and 25 different cemetery locations around the globe. The solution is built in Office 365 (SharePoint Online, Yammer and OneDrive). caseStudyItem0
Federal Agency Office of Acquisitions Agency Office of AcquisitionsArchitected and deployed an electronic Federal Contracts and Document Management System that supports full Contract lifecycle Management from planning to closeout. This SharePoint based solution streamlines contract management activities.caseStudyItem0
Federal Law Enforcement Agency CRSO.aspxFederal Law Enforcement AgencyImplemented our Virtual Office solution to enhance the existing telework program and raise levels of virtual work by increasing situational awareness, interpersonal access, and collaboration across a geographically dispersed community. caseStudyItem0