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The tasks people perform at work have become increasingly complex, crossing organizational boundaries and requiring multi-disciplinary skills. It has become imperative for IT systems to simplify work by connecting disparate systems, linking together related processes, and streamlining the flow of information. Procentrix helps organizations automate and streamline their myriad of back-office and operational systems, enabling workers to opporate more efficiently and effectively. Organizations cannot just replace their legacy systems overnight, so our approach places emphasis on leveraging existing IT investments and integrating legacy systems with workflow-driven solutions that create a seamless flow of information and process across the organization.

Areas of Focus



Business Process Management (BPM) Master List/DispForm.aspx?ID=78Business Process Management (BPM)<div>Bring the discipline, process, and tools required to manage organizational and process change that improves business outcomes and enables operational efficiency. Model business processes across organizational boundaries to achieve better integration between people, systems, and data.  </div>iconItem0
Workflow Automation Master List/DispForm.aspx?ID=79Workflow Automation<div>Streamline business activities by systematically linking together tasks to create end-to-end business processes across systems and other organizational boundaries. Provide intuitive, user-guided applications that automate tasks and enable users to more effectively and efficiently accomplish tasks.</div>iconItem0
Application Modernization Master List/DispForm.aspx?ID=80Application Modernization<div>Transform legacy applications into modern platforms that integrate business process, eliminate data silos, and embed analytics to drive process efficiencies and real-time decision making. Leverage micro-services architecture and workflow-driven processes to create flexible and scalable mission applications.</div>iconItem0
Robotic Process Automation Master List/DispForm.aspx?ID=136Robotic Process AutomationEffectively leverage Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to eliminate repetitive manual tasks and processes. Allow Bots to orchestrate processes so that workers can focus on more meaningful tasks. Effectively utilize artificial intelligence (AI) add-ons within RPA solutions to attain end-to-end AI-driven process automation.iconItem0




Microsoft Azure Azure
Amazon Web Services Web Services
Office 365 365
Power Platform Platform
Dynamics 365 365
Project Server Server

 Other Services



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 Our Experience



Civilian Agency AgencyImplemented a Correspondence Management System used by over 35,000 employees nationwide. Built on our Mercury framework and running in Office365, the solution automates creation, review and signature of agency-wide correspondences.caseStudyItem0
Federal Law Enforcement Agency Law Enforcement AgencyImplemented a large legal case management system that is used by attorneys for litigating cases during removal proceedings. Built on Power Platform, SharePoint, and ProLink, it has more than 25+ TB of content and is used by over 20K users nationwide.caseStudyItem0
Federal Law Enforcement Agency Law Enforcement AgencyImplemented and supports a system for petition case management, security credentialing and team collaboration sites. This Power Platform, SharePoint and ProLink system streamlines and centralizes a key government program for foreign visitors to the US.caseStudyItem0
Financial Regulatory Agency Regulatory AgencyOperates the SharePoint Solution Center servicing development needs for many offices. From small requests to solutions for complex processes, we deliver the SharePoint expertise required to effectively leverage the tool across the agency. caseStudyItem0
Federal Financial Agency Financial AgencyDeveloped, operates and supports many of the core bank supervisory systems used by thousands of bank examiners on a daily basis. These Microsoft based applications drive the agency's mission critical business workflow.caseStudyItem0
Legislative Agency AgencyCreated and maintain intranet, collaboration and scheduling solutions for the Leglislative branch agency. These SharePoint based solutions automate key processes and provide a unique online presence for various legislative offices.caseStudyItem0
Federal Agency Office of Acquisitions Agency Office of AcquisitionsArchitected and deployed an electronic Federal Contracts and Document Management System that supports full Contract lifecycle Management from planning to closeout. This SharePoint based solution streamlines contract management activities.caseStudyItem0
Federal Law Enforcement Agency CRSO.aspxFederal Law Enforcement AgencyImplemented our Virtual Office solution to enhance the existing telework program and raise levels of virtual work by increasing situational awareness, interpersonal access, and collaboration across a geographically dispersed community. caseStudyItem0