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Development and Support Services for .NET and Dynamics CRM

Agency Name: United States Peace Corps

April 19, 2013 - April 18, 2018

Contract Overview:

This is a multi-award BPA that can be used to procure services that support the configuration/customization of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and .Net solutions to meet the needs of Peace Corps offices.

Contract Type:

Task Orders can be awarded on a FFP or T&M basis.

Points of Contact:

Brian K. Jenkins, Phone (703) 635-2627, Fax (703) 635-2629

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Cloud Services ServicesserviceItem01
Relationship Management ManagementserviceItem01
Portals and Collaboration and CollaborationserviceItem01
Application Development DevelopmentserviceItem01
Data and Analytics and AnalyticsserviceItem01
Mobile Enablement EnablementserviceItem01
Process Automation AutomationserviceItem01