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Featured Case Studies
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  • Client: Government Agency Virtual Office

    The Virtual Office enhances government telework programs and enables increased levels of virtual work by increasing situational awareness, interpersonal access, and collaboration across the geographically dispersed community.
  • Client: Office Space Reservation System

    The Online Reservation solution allows users to quickly identify and reserve available workspaces and equipment. The solution offers an intuitive graphical floor plan-based user interface and robust asset management functionality.
  • Client: Public Website

    Procentrix built using SharePoint 2010. SharePoint’s new features enabled us to develop a state of the art website that showcases SharePoint's power as a Web Content Management platform.
  • Client: Celerity Intranet and Collaboration Portal

    Procentrix rapidly developed a robust intranet and collaboration platform for Celerity. The solution leverages SharePoint's features along with Procentrix's rich set of reusable SharePoint assets.
  • Client: USDA FNS Correspondence Management

    Procentrix developed a workflow-enabled correspondence management solution for the Department of Agriculture, Food Nutrition Service using Microsoft SharePoint and Office technologies.
  • Client: Database Management Tool

    Procentrix led the architecture, design and implementation of a complex database cleansing and business intelligence solution used by over 2,500 people working on a large-scale data purification effort.
  • Client: Procentrix Unified Communications

    Procentrix implements a new connected communication platform transforming employee communication into an interaction that is more collaborative, engaging, and accessible from anywhere.
  • Client: Hanger Patient Management System

    Procentrix developed a mission-critical Patient Management solution to automate Hanger’s patient evaluation, Quality Assurance and Insurance Authorization processes using Microsoft SharePoint and Office technologies.