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What We Do

Our Approach

Our guiding principle is to help customers leverage Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) software to the greatest extent possible. The technology landscape has matured to a point that most often, business solutions can be deployed faster and with richer functionality by leveraging COTS products and technologies. Only in circumstances where COTS-based solutions are not appropriate or cost effective, do we build turn-key custom software solutions. In managing our projects, we use industry standard  processes and procedures, augmented with collaborative tools to streamline execution. 

Our Capabilities

We align our skills with our customer’s high priority needs. Hence, when developing our capabilities, we don’t just focus on learning products and technologies. Instead, we determine how products and technologies can be aligned with the mission needs of our customers. Only when this alignment is clear do we invest in developing a new capability. 

Our Technology Focus

We continually identify technologies that enable us to deliver innovative solutions to our clients. We lean toward proven products and technologies that are best of breed and offer low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Much of our technical capabilities center on Microsoft products because often our clients already have invested in Microsoft licensing. Although a large portion of our business is based on developing Microsoft-centric solutions, we offer extensive systems integration experience and are well-equipped to help organizations assess, integrate or implement alternative products and technologies.

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