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Business Intelligence

In today's business, data is everywhere. Software has made it increasingly simple to collect and store digital information. This includes traditional database applications that house relational data, collaboration portals that manage unstructured information and personal productivity tools like Microsoft Office that trap data in Excel spreadsheets, Access databases, etc. To harness the power of all this data, people need ways to effectively consume it. Procentrix helps organizations make sense of their data by designing and implementing solutions that consolidate and optimize data so that useful information can be derived - empowering people to make more informed business decisions. Our related services include:

  • Database Architecture and Design - We help organizations design and implement data repositories. This may include data warehouses, operational data stores, or data marts. We let the organization's business needs drive our design as the goal is to establish authoritative data sources that are optimized to answer the questions that business users demand.
  • Extract Transform and Load - We help organizations plan, design and implement data integration strategies that Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) information from disparate applications, databases (e.g., SQL, Oracle), SharePoint sites, or documents into target authoritative data repositories.
  • Analytics and Reporting - We help organizations make sense of the business intelligence landscape, selecting tools that are most appropriate and cost effective. We leverage tools to develop analytical and reporting solutions that can range from tabular reports to drill-down / drill-across Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) solutions to dashboards to business scorecards.
  • Ad-Hoc Reporting & Data Mining - Design and deploy ad-hoc reporting solutions that empower end-users to perform their own information discovery and data mining.  

Procentrix helps organizations take full advantage of their data, turning data silos into actionable sources of information.

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