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Mike Hughes
Mike Hughes
President & CEO

​As President & CEO of Procentrix, I focus in a number of areas. First and foremost, I place significant attention on defining the company’s technology and service delivery offerings. We are particular about developing our capabilities and technical competencies – doing so in alignment with our customer’s high priority needs. We don’t just focus on learning products and technologies; we first consider how the product or technology can be aligned with our customer missions. Only when this alignment is clear do we invest in building a capability.

I’m also a big proponent of doing for ourselves what we do for our clients so I spend a good deal of time driving the implementation and adoption of solutions to enhance our own operational processes. I feel that if we are going to stand before a customer and tell them that a product or service is going to help them, then we should be able to provide evidence that it has done so for us. Since founding Procentrix, we have lived by this – applying virtually everything we do for our clients within our own company.

Before founding Procentrix, I worked for Noblestar Federal Systems which was acquired in 1999 by SI International. During that period I grew from Practice Manger where I oversaw an e-business technology vertical to Vice President of Enterprise Applications where I was responsible for a large Federal Government contracting operation. The broad experience I have gained throughout my career has offered me a unique combination of technology and business acumen. Today, I'm passionately applying my skills and experience within Procentrix.

We offer the discipline of a large Systems Integrator and the agility, expertise and innovation of a small business – enabling us to drive exceptional results regardless of project scope and complexity.