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Our values are engrained in our culture and are of significant importance to us. They include:

  • Ethics - We were founded on the promise of sound business ethics. We build respect among our customers, our staff, and our business partners. Our executives lead by example, never losing sight of the needs of our employees or our customers.
  • Commitment - We honor our commitments. We deliver on the promises we make to our customers and to our employees. Our employees accept responsibility, make commitments, and stand by them.
  • Innovation - We share a common understanding that we must “think outside the box”. Innovation and excellence is openly encouraged, rewarding those who achieve, and challenging those with potential. We listen to each other's ideas. Not all are pursued but none are ignored.
  • Employee-centric - Our employees are our most important asset and treated accordingly. They develop our technology, deliver our services, and are the face of Procentrix.
When we achieve trust, respect and commitment on all levels, innovation and excellence will follow.